It was only three short years ago when Legacy FS set out to provide a new experience in estate planning and fiduciary services.

Since that start, Legacy FS have continued to assist their clients with simple and practical solutions in this often complex area. The growth and development of Legacy FS can be seen in their move to a more spacious office premises in Newlands and the introduction of their Legacy FS lifestyle magazine, which keeps their clients updated on family, health and social issues as well as the latest developments in leisure, travel and culture.

The Directors of Legacy FS believe that the secret to their success lies in four basic principles, Independence, Relationships, Expertise and Expediency:


Unlike many other companies offering fiduciary and estate planning services, Legacy FS is an entirely independent consultancy. They are not tied to any bank, insurance or other financial services company and so can guarantee to their clients that they are acting only in their clients’ interests and can provide them with honourable, unbiased and independent client service and advice.

Long-term client relationships

Legacy FS considers themselves a “generations’ business” and they aim to build sincere, long-term relationships not only directly with their clients but also with their clients’ families, providing both clients and their families with the appropriate knowledge and tools to navigate the sometimes confusing waters of fiduciary services and estate planning. “When it comes to death and taxes, people often have difficulty in talking about these issues,” says director Showkat Alie Mukadam, “but we assist in breaking the ice between the respective parties and facilitating essential communication regarding succession of wealth, challenges within the family, or possible complications in an estate. We also have a dedicated estates team on hand to offer emotional support to family members when needed and to answer any questions that they might have.”

Unique expertise

Legacy’s three directors each have a specific area of focus: Showkat Mukadam is a chartered accountant specialising in estate planning and tax compliance; Chris Murphy is an attorney with more than 20 years’ experience in drafting of Wills and administration of deceased estates; while Charles Evison (also an attorney) focuses on estate planning, Wills and trusts. Together with their knowledgeable staff they can offer a unique set of skills to provide the most efficient fiduciary and estate planning services. One of the keystones to their business is education: not only constantly updating their own knowledge of the specialised fields in which they operate but also providing seminars and other educational platforms to their clients and to others in the financial services industry to update them on latest developments.

Legacy FS also provides specialised services in Sharia-compliant estate planning, for which there is an increasing demand in South Africa. This demand has arisen out of the need to reconcile the increase in the costs and taxes which arise on death with the principles of Sharia law. They have the skills and expertise to efficiently dissect and find solutions to complex issues such as spousal entitlement, social responsibility and most significantly, practical implementation, with the aim of offering their Muslim clients security and peace of mind.


One of the major issues with deceased estate administration, is that estates frequently take a long time to resolve due to lack of information around the business, tax and investment affairs of the deceased, costing families of the deceased financial loss and emotional distress in the process. To avoid lengthy delays, Legacy FS urge their clients to complete a Personal Estate Plan document so that they have all the necessary details and information on hand to achieve the most expedient resolution possible.

The Future

When asked about Legacy FS’ goals for the future, Showkat Mukadam adds, “Simply, to constantly nurture the basic principles on which our business has been built. And to continuously strive to reach new heights in all aspects of our professional operations.